August 2015


Short Term Loans

Short term loans are loans that are designed to be paid back in a relatively short amount of time in comparison to the traditional bank loans.  Usually a short term loan would last no longer than 12 months; however you can obtain other types of short term loan that require settling within 1 or 2 months.

Some of the different types of short term loan you can obtain are:

  • Payday Loans
  • Payday Loans for Bad Credit
  • Short Term Loans
  • Short Term Loans for Bad Credit
  • Short Term and / or Payday Loans with no Credit Check,

They are all slightly different in their offering.  As it states above, some short term loans are suitable for people who have bad credit ratings and wouldn’t pass a credit check elsewhere, whereas others are more tailored towards people who will pass a credit check.  They all have one thing in common though, and that is that they are all there to provide help and assistance when you require it most.

A short term loan will give you some security whilst at the same time not leaving you worried that you have 4 or 5 years left of repayments.  This can help considerably to ease any worries you may have about the loan in the first place as you will have settled the account in a maximum, usually, of 12 months, so you can then get on with your life without having to worry about further repayments.

Short Term Loans

What Would You Need A Short Term Loan For?

There are plenty of reasons a short term loan may appeal to you.  It could be for anything from home improvements through to preventing bank charges and unexpected costs one month.  The situation you find yourself needing the loan for would depend on the type of short term loan you require too.  For example, if you wanted a short term loan for home improvements you wouldn’t look to take out a payday loan as you would need to be paying back the borrowed amount in full within a month or two.  On the other hand, if you had unexpected costs one month, or needed emergency funds to stave off a bank charge or bad credit mark etc. you would be better off using a payday loan as they are designed to help in the immediate short term and are expected to be repaid within a maximum of 2 months.

Why take a short term loan over a traditional bank loan of 4 + years?

A short term loan allows you to borrow funds but also get them paid off in a relatively quick space of time which means you are effectively ‘debt free’ in a shorter space of time.

You can apply for them online using a quick and easy application process, meaning that instead of having to organise a meeting with an employee at your local banking branch, you can sit in the comfort of your own home whilst completing an online application and have a decision back with you within a matter of minutes.  Not only that but in most instances, you can have funds in your account in as little as 45 minutes.

Now, as previously mentioned, you can have a short term loan lasting up to 12 months, but you can also have a short term loan lasting a maximum of 2 months.  Such loans as these are known as payday loans, with the idea being that you borrow an amount of money that is paid back on your next payday (or potentially the one after).  Payday loans are designed to assist people with short term emergencies and this could be instances where there has been an unexpected emergency that requires additional costs to be paid, or maybe there is a bank charge looming and you need to pay it off to prevent any further negative marks going on to your credit file.

Payday loans are provided by many companies, most of whom you will find with a quick search using an internet search engine, and they all have different offers to give.  With that in mind, it is worth using a comparison tool to aid you with deciding which payday loan would be best for you to take out, as you can contrast and compare multiple offers at the same time.

Payday loans, along with any type of short term, are your responsibility.  This means that before deciding to proceed with taking one of them out, you need to establish if it is something you can afford to take on and pay back responsibly, otherwise you will be held accountable for any negative actions regarding the paying back of the loan.

To summarise:

  • Short term loans come in a variety of different guises (e.g. payday loan, short term loan) and have different stipulations (need to pass a credit check, no credit check required, etc.);
  • Short term loans can be more advantageous than standard bank loans depending on your circumstances and reasoning for taking one out;
  • Short term loans are available for people in most situations (unemployed people may find it harder) and can help to get you back on track;
  • You are accountable for ensuring the loan is paid back correctly and on time.

If there is anything further you wish to know about short term loans then please feel free to contact us, or alternatively conduct your own further research using the internet and other media outlets available to you, and remember, if you are in need of funds for a genuine reason, then a short term loan might be your best bet if you aren’t looking to pay a loan off over more than 12 months.

Long-Term Solutions for Short-Term Problems

It would make life a lot easier if you could buy that laptop you need for work, but your pocket doesn’t seem to agree. Or perhaps it is the middle of the month and your payday is not for another couple of weeks but you have bills to pay on which you will be penalized if you miss the due dates. You have already tried getting a loan from the bank, but it is too complicated or your credit score isn’t high enough.

Banks require you to wait seemingly endlessly for a loan confirmation that may or may not come in time for your immediate needs. Even if the confirmation comes soon, there is always an overwhelming question of choosing the best scheme to meet your financial requirements. Then there is this problem of having to choose a long-term payment plan even though you are not completely sure about it. Perhaps you haven’t understood what it is all about and dread undergoing the painful process of trying to get someone to explain the terms to you without confusing you further.

In this right kerfuffle, the answer to all of your problems lies in obtaining fast cash for the immediate future. With a provision for short-term loans available online, one can easily make a dream purchase in the middle of a dry month. One can extract a loan of up to fifteen thousand pounds at a go and repay it over a duration of time.

Long-Term Solutions

Obtaining a Short-Term Loan Is Easy

Modern society acknowledges the inconveniences one has to go through to get a loan and repay it off. The majority of a person’s endeavours in life these days seem to surround novel schemes of either paying a loan back or escaping payment. With modern, user-friendly facilities of applying for loans, it is time to say goodbye to the medieval process of waiting for ages for the confirmation of the loan. There are provisions for simply filling out your personal information online and applying for instant approval. There will be no need for credit checks or perusing formal agreements and schemes best aimed to complicate your life even further.

With online applications for short-term loans, the information of the applicant will be distributed to a network of lenders willing to meet the needs of the client. There will be no need to pay back the loan on the terms decided upon by the banks. With short-term loan facility, one can easily avail handsome loans and negotiate with the lenders to arrive at a date of payment suitable to both parties with little to no compromise.

While with traditional bank loans there have been hours or days on end for which a person has to sit and wait for the application confirmation, and even longer for the sanction of the loan, short-term loans aim at notifying the applicant with a confirmation within minutes of submission. Think of it as a brokerage where no fee is demanded to connect the person in need with solutions to their problems as quickly as possible.

Requirements for Approval and Repayment

The short-term loan facility will only be extended to individuals with a perennial source of income or a legitimate assurance of financial development in the near future. A short-term loan facility should not become a means towards financial security. It is available only for the purpose of making life more convenient for those individuals who will not have a financial impediment obstruct the informed choices that they make.

If under any circumstances, the client in question cannot repay the loan or presages a delay in the repayment, they should contact their lenders without delay and let them know in unambiguous terms the exact cause of the tardiness. Needless to say, a late payment of debts incurs additional charges on top of the principal sum that needs to be paid off. However, care would be taken to look into the debtor’s problem and try to solve it before arriving at any decision. Thus, it would be absolutely unwise to not pay any heed to the agreement signed with the lender. The agreement with the lender is of absolute and binding contract and any breach of it is a matter resoluble between the client and the lender. If indeed an agreement cannot be reached, the lender is entitled to resort to the aid of third party interventions for the loan payment.

Although it has been said of short-term loaning facilities that credit history will not be the prerequisite for the eligibility of loans, given incidents which require a third party intervention or matters of rogue debts, it is important for the client to know and fully appreciate the gravitas of their insolvency. In such extreme matters of insolvency, the facility may choose to discredit the client from further loans within the wide network of lenders.

How to Begin the Short-Term Loan Process

If you are in the United Kingdom, are in dire need of money, and are looking for a reliable solution, there are able organizations out there to help you. You can find all of the information you need to begin the application process by doing a simple search online. You will be matched with lending companies who have access to over thirty financial organisations in the United Kingdom and work to find a lender that can meet your needs. They are here to assuage financial crises.

The short-term loans available at paydayloan123 acknowledge the seriousness of the need of money at unforeseen times and help clients obtain the right amount of cash, payable over a reasonable amount of time. They are a brokerage company who offer services but do not charge from the clients in need. If you have decent credit and need to make an unplanned expenditure right away, short-term loaning is perfect for you.