November 2015


Dating on a Frugal Budget

It’s hard to date someone and live on a frugal budget. There is a fine line for you to follow. Stepping far to one side can characterize you as a cheap person. Stepping to the other one can make you work extra night job.

So how can you show your good attitude to a person, but still stay within your means? How can you make a good impression not going into red? Here are some useful tips for keeping that fine line.

Forget about Coupons on the First Dates

From one side all women like men who lead a frugal lifestyle and control their money. But, from the other side, how will you react on coupons used to pay for your first restaurant meeting?

These coupons can create a wrong image of a man. You need to spend some time together, so you can show to the lady your smart attitude to money. But the first few dates are not the right time to begin. The girl might understand that you think about money. But, unfortunately, her imagination can tell her that you are trying to save money on her.

For the beginning you may even get fast & easy loan, if you are sure you can pay it back on time. This financial help will give you necessary money supply for unplanned spending during your date.

Once you are ready, you can use coupons. But be smart with presenting such an invitation. Don’t say that you have a plan for spending an evening cheaply. Instead, tell her that you got a special invitation with flyer and you booked a good place.

Frugal Budget

Don’t Let Her Pay

It can seem an old-fashioned way of relations, but this also shows good manners. If you are planning to invite her on the second date, then be responsible for money. At first, there is no other way, if you have made an invitation. Secondly, even if she agrees to pay a half, it may not happen again.

Paying for a date is a feature that makes you a man. It’s like escorting her home after the date. It all shows your attitude and that you are ready to take care of this girl.

However, as the time goes, men and women have some new attitude to money aspect. Some women would like to show their solvency and ability to be independent. In such way you can suggest to split the bill. But you still need to be sure, so it’s better to plan paying for a dinner.

Using Other Options

If a dinner is expensive for you, or you have some other obstacles, you can still come up with good ideas. You may go out for coffee at a good café. But don’t choose standard schemes; show that you have been thinking about the date. The girl should understand that, even if you don’t have too much money, you still want to give her the best. Attitude is that really matters.

Think about the other possibilities to spend time with each other. The dinner is not a law. You can find something fun to do. This is a good advice for these who are afraid of those silent moments. Having fun and focusing on an activity will make your conversation easier and more natural.

So, you don’t have to be a millionaire to invite the girl on a date. Just use your imagination, be polite and show you are really interested. Thus you can spend time together in different ways and be sure in the next date.

Faith Based Economy

When we look at our respective economies, one thing that has become clear to us is the fact that the economies in the current era are ‘faith based’ meaning that since we use ‘fiat currency’ the value of the currencies that we hold are based on what is printed on these papers, with nothing to back them up.

Even the value of precious metals (spot price of gold in particular) and the economies that bear on us are inversely related. The stock for instance is supposed to reflect a country’s or region’s value of the businesses that correspond to these markets.

When a country struggles due to recessions, inflation or even lack of confidence the currency begins to weaken causing depreciation in the associated stock market which in turn makes investors look for other investment derivatives. It is partly due to this inverse relationship that gold is acknowledged as the real standard of value across the planet by almost everybody. Gold has been a standard for global exchange for centuries due to the fact that the precious metal maintains its value from country to country and is free of the systematic risks that stock markets are subjected to.

According to the Melbourne Gold Company, when market decline rears its ugly head, stocks and currencies start to decline on the same tangent and become less desirable, however gold and other precious metals become attractive and if we observe the law of demand and supply, and increase in demand causes an increase in value. The currencies of the world (more particularly the US dollar), gold prices (spot gold price), stock prices and crude oil prices are all considered asset prices with almost similar characteristics with regards to asset price inflation, market sentiments  and market momentum.

These commodities are without doubt correlated to one another and respond to the slightest changes in the business cycles of the world. Since the value of all these commodities is in fact determined by the free markets, they become crucial indicators of collective expectations of investors and governments for that matter of the state of the world economy in the near future. This simply means that whatever investors feel the economic future of the world could turn out to be is presented via the value of these assets/ commodities.

However, it has come to everyone’s attention these days that gold is the most important store ‘store vale’ and gold is without doubt a critical component of the global economy as can be seen in its value which remains constant or increases over time as currencies become less tangible. One primary reason investors prefer to invest a significant amount of their money into gold is due to the fact that gold’s overall value never depreciates, despite high inflation levels.

Gold is considered to be by many as a safe haven that investors could rely on when markets become volatile and uncertain. However, investing in gold is a long term objective and those who intend to make ‘quick money’ should refrain from investing in physical gold.

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