May 2016


How Single Mothers Can Manage Monthly Finances Better

As a single mom, you probably think there has got to be a better way to manage your monthly finances. Unfortunately, events come up in life, making those expenses you’ve kept up with fall behind. To keep the balance of family life and monetary needs up to standards, here are a few tips for single mothers to help you manage your finances better.

  1. Make a Plan to Eliminate Your Debts

Your first step should be to calculate all your outstanding debts. It’s important to start eliminating these debts because you don’t want them tonegatively impact your credit score or enable you to be a victim to wage garnishment.

Now that you know your debts, it’s time to make a plan to eliminate them. You can make monthly payments on each or consolidate your debts to make one affordable monthly payment. Now if you can’t find a way to consolidate them all, take out a loan against your home or a personal loan. Check out some rates on to see if you can get a lower payment and interest rate that allows you to stay on track.

  1. Create a Budget and Stick to It

Next, it’s time to deal with your monthly expenses. You need to create a budget and stick to it. You can create and track your budget on free financial software programs. These are easy to find online. Some have helpful charts, graphs, and articles to help you manage your monthly finances. After a full month, you should be able to see where you are overspending or wasting money. This now helps you save money and put it towards better use.

  1. Divide Your Bills Up By Paycheck

After you have your budget, you can now devote your efforts to paying your bills on time. To do so, you need to know how to divide your bills up. First and foremost, you must pay rent each month on time, like clockwork. So if you are paid twice a month, ensure half of your paycheck goes into an account dedicated to your rent. Your budget spreadsheet can break down when your utilities are due and which check it should come from. Do this for all your bills.

  1. Put Tax Returns Aside for Emergencies

A great way to save money is to start with your income tax return. Most single mothers will qualify for an income-based tax credit for each eligible child. Instead of spending it all, be sure to tuck some away in an emergency fund account. This puts money aside for your unexpected expenses because, to be honest, child support, if even received, doesn’t always cut it.

You don’t need someone breathing down your neck about keeping up with your budget. Be your own financial advisor. Sit down every week or two and ensure you are staying on track. Balance your checkbook for your checking and savings. Also, take this time to update your list of must have items. These tactics can help you manage your monthly finances better.

Bankruptcy Attorneys in Los Angeles

Sometimes it is very necessary to go through the process of bankruptcy to eliminate away all debt and start with a new record.  The process of filing for bankruptcy may be very difficult and it becomes a lot easier if a person hires a bankruptcy Attorney for Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy to do the tedious work. A bankruptcy attorney will evaluate the candidate’s case and file for bankruptcy. If a person is facing lawsuits, or getting phone calls from creditors, undergoing wage garnishments or is simply dealing with lot of debt, should get in touch with Consumer Action Law Group.

It does not matter what a person wants to achieve, lawyers from this firm can provide people with the best solution and will put up a legal fight on behalf of the person. In fact an attorney will be able to provide good advice on whether a person is required to file a chapter 13 or chapter 7 depending on the nature of the debt.

The attorney will take care of all legal matters and will also conduct the meeting with the trustee responsible for bankruptcy for no extra costs. In fact candidates can get free consultation before they start paying for the services.

The Benefits of Filling Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

This is able to reduce debts related to credit cards and can also stop foreclosures, debts such as personal loans and medical bills can also be taken care of. In certain cases the bankruptcy attorney Los Angeles can do away with multiple mortgage on a particular house. Filling under Chapter 13 will stop creditors calling the individual in debt.

Filling Under the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

This will stop a foreclosure from taking place and will also do away with debts related to credit cards. However filing under chapter 7 will only stop any foreclosure temporarily. It is very different from chapter 13 especially when a candidate has to pay for a mortgage related to a property. However when a candidate files under chapter 7 he/ she will stop getting calls from the creditors immediately. Chapter7 is very helpful when it comes to stopping wage garnishment and start things fresh. So if a candidate is really eager to get rid of debts and begin life again then he or she should contact a los angeles bankruptcy attorney of Consumer Action Law Group and get started on the process as it is very time consuming considering there are lot of formalities.

Consumer Action Law Group is a leading law firm located in Los Angeles attorney.  Their mission is to save home and eliminate debts for the consumers. For more information about their bankruptcy service visit or call them during business hour M-F: 9am – 5pm. 818-254-8413

What are the advantages of using internet Banking?

About everybody has admittance to some kind of record with which to lead the normal business of saving money. Access to a money related organization’s records and different administrations is regularly underestimated. The benefits of managing an account can get to be clearer on the off chance that you survey a portion of the nuts and bolts. This is much more applicable on the off chance that you happen to be one of only a handful few that have yet to open a checking or investment account with their nearby bank. You not just need to realize what kind of evident favorable circumstances a bank offers, for example, the distinctive elements that are accessible to clients, additionally how these identify with you specific needs.


Everybody would concur that one of the fundamental reasons financial San Francisco Bank balances exist is to give a spot to put one’s cash to keep it safe. While pictures like stuffing your bedding with cash may appear to be diverting to the greater part of us, there have been times when individuals have done recently that with the cash they earned. In different circumstances, individuals may convey money on their persons. The peril with either circumstance is that if cash is stolen or lost, it can’t be supplanted. Subsequently, utilizing a managing an account administration like a record is a decent approach to ensure your advantages.

Similarly, San Francisco Banking imperative is the way that a great many people who are utilized get paychecks that can be recovered for money at banks. Obviously, banks have a typical arrangement that obliges them to charge an expense for the getting the money for of somebody’s paycheck. This may not appear to be essential since the expenses are by and large little. However, even a little expense can sum to something after some time. The favorable position to having a financial balance with a neighborhood bank is that those expenses will be waived in the event that you keep a record with them.

Those same keeping money organizations likewise give includes that give advantageous utilization of records whether you need to build up a financial records and utilize checks to pay charges as opposed to money or on the off chance that you wish to get a platinum card that can be utilized as a part of the spot of cash. Both of these choices give simple access to your assets without being on the premises, physically pulling back the assets from your checking or investment account.