The difference between an HDB loan and a bank home loan

When you are living in Singapore, you might have heard about the HDB loan. And, you are wondering if you should get this loan or if you should rather apply for a bank home loan.

This can be a hard decision if you don’t know the difference between them and know which option is going to be better for you and your family. This is why you should know the difference between an HDB and a bank home loan.

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Requirements for getting an approved HDB loan

An HDB loan is also known as the housing and development board. This is a valid way to get a home loan when you are living in Singapore. However, there are some requirements that you need to know before you apply for this type of loan.

  • One family member needs to be a Singapore citizen.
  • The interest rate starts at 2,7%, which is higher than a bank loan.
  • You may not own any private residence in any country, including Singapore
  • You may not get a monthly salary that is higher than $12,000
  • This is only a loan that you can get for buying an HDB flat.

Requirements for getting an approved bank loan

Many don’t like applying for a mortgage loan at a bank, because of their high requirements. However, if you don’t qualify for an HDB loan, then you might want to consider a bank loan. These are some requirements for getting an approved home loan at a bank.

  • You can own more than one private residence in the world
  • Interest rates are lower but normally is a flexible interest rate loan.
  • Your salary doesn’t need to be so low before you can apply for a loan. You need to have a minimum salary in order to qualify for a loan.
  • You can’t borrow as much with a home loan as with an HDB loan.

Should you get an HDB loan or a bank loan?

Which option is best to get? The HDB loan or the bank loan? If you qualify for the HDB loan in Singapore, this is the one that you might want to consider. This is easier to get approval and the down payment isn’t as much as with a bank home loan.

However, not everyone qualifies for this loan, and then you need to consider a bank for your mortgage loan. Or, you should consider a private lender.

Now, you have a better idea about the difference between the HDB loan and the bank loan. Making it easier for you to choose which one you should apply for when you live in Singapore. The HDB loan is strict and you will need to buy an HDB flat in order to qualify for this type of loan.

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Payday Loans Online Same Day No Credit Check

There’s no shame in borrowing money when you are placed in dire situations as long as you know you can pay it back. That’s the beauty of short-term loans that you can apply for and avail online. Set against your regular income, payday loans spare you from having to reach out to family and friends for some cash.

While the amount approved for these loans is smaller than what you would have had if you borrowed from a bank or other traditional lending agency, it will likely be enough to keep you afloat for a month or a few. As another plus, you only get to borrow what you can actually pay back, which makes it safer on your part because you know you have the means to do so.

Getting Out of Financial Crisis with a Payday Loan

The typical working class American will have little to no savings in the bank that’s big enough to deal with any sudden financial problem. You might have a huge utility bill coming up, a major home or car repair that needs attention, an illness or hospitalization, a mortgage, or whatever else that needs instant cash.

Short-term loans are a very helpful when it’s the middle of the month and it’s not until the end when your regular salary arrives. When pushed into a dire financial situation, some people get desperate and feel like they have no choice but to seek help from a loan shark, who will definitely charge exorbitant interest rates and take advantage of the situation.

Fortunately, times have changed and the government has placed safeguards that govern payday loan providers so that you can safely borrow money and don’t end up in more financial trouble than you already are. Take note that the rules covering payday loan lenders differ in every state, so it’s best that you do your research first.

Advantages of Same Day Approval Loans

The thing about same day approval instantly at Green-Touch and other similar payday loan providers is that borrowers can get access to the cash within a few hours. You can apply in the morning, wait a few minutes for an approval, and then a day max to have the money deposited to your account. If you need cash right here, right now, this is a smart and safe bet.

Another advantage is that quick loans no credit check same day are discreet, especially when you avail from a direct lender. Legitimate loan agencies will make sure that your personal information remains confidential and will not be shared with marketing and advertising agencies who could send you spam emails or make cold calls.

If you’re not too comfortable about going to a lending agency in person, online payday loans also allow you to apply for and claim the cash even without having to make an appearance. Everything is done online and over the phone.

Common Same Day Loan Requirements

The requirements for quick loans loans no credit check same day are similar across different states, although some lending agencies might require specific documents, depending on their guidelines. In general, you will only be asked to present a government-issued ID, a proof of income, and an active checking or savings account.

The process is easy and quick. When you have all the requirements ready, you can have your much-needed money in your bank account in no time.


What is the possible way to remove collections from student loans?

Have you ever noticed collections in your credit report? What impact do they leave on credit reports? A credit is issued to the customers by any financial organization for a timeframe of one to seven years and they need to repay the whole amount at the end of the signed tenure period. There are several customers who wish to remove the collections account from their credit score. If your loan is in default for not paying the amount due for 270 to 365 days then the student loan immediately goes into default if it includes collections, and will also be charged fees in addition to student loans you owe. Once such situation arises the balance of your loan should not be less than $4000,is immediately known as acceleration.

If you choose to pay for deleting collections, make sure you have the agreement in writing to make it as a proof and let the collector do what you want from him. Thus the collection agencies often create a collection report that does not reflect accurately the consumer’s creditworthiness. So it’s our duty that we should contact the collector immediately and request for debt validation, and if the collection agency doesn’t respond accurately then they are also forced to remove the debts from your credit reports which show negative impact on your credit scores. After all having a student loan in collection reports can have serious consequences on your credit score.

Best ways to eliminate student loans from your collections:

Whether you have taken a private loan or federal it is going to affect your credit rating, so it is important to get out the student loan debt from your collections to get back on track:

  1. Ensure the information regarding the debt collection agency is accurate and you don’t owe any money of that kind at all. Dispute the debt from your account as it may be included default into your account and the loan must have taken by someone else.
  2. Try to settle your debt from collection agency to remove it from your account by paying it lump sum so that you can get a good amount of cash handy. This should be written in agreement for future benefit.
  3. Paying off your remaining debts in collections is another valuable option to resolve your student loans as early as possible.
  4. Consolidate your private loans or federal out of collections by your financer to refinance your loan amount worth $4000.
  5. If you are unable to resolve you debt in collections then you must declare bankruptcy to the collector.


How often we find our debts clear in our account from collection reports? Sometimes they tend to be default in our account on other person’s name. So it is important to resolve the debt in collections agency to make your account clear of any debts to maintain your credit score and get good cash handy once again in your account. You can also get more information here


Get Renovation Loan with New Mortgage

When you want to redesign your home and not have enough money to do it, the best way to do it is to get a loan for repairs. You can start by doing this online and comparing the renewal rates of the renovation that are offered. Surely you will find a site that will provide you with a list of the banks that offer this type of loan, in order to compare your conditions with the terms and rates of the loan. Now, if you want to get a quick loan in cash, you can simply use the investments you made in your home to take advantage of the cash you want and begin to correct it. Recently, most people believe it is better to turn to offshore banks to compare the prices of credit cards and get the best cash loans they need.

What to do when looking for a renewal loan

The principal is the principal amount you can borrow. Sense, when you get a loan for repairs, you must pay interest for the money you get from your property renewal loan to get the money you need, according to the amount of the capital. You need to find a repair loan that offers the lowest interest rate for cash loans, as well as one that costs you the minimum amount of money. It will be difficult for you to obtain this from your local bank or offline in your area. The best thing you can do is go online and find a loan for the repairs you want to obtain.

There are cases where you can get cash loans for your home with low interest rates from offshore banks. It is really open for everyone. The fact is that not only people within can get involved in banking activities in the country, but also those who live outside the country. Most people who do their banking. Get good rates for their money, including a loan to repair their property and other loans and services.

There are times when you can only pay interest on a cash loan that you receive directly, while waiting for payment of your principal. If you are considering selling your home and are considering paying low monthly payments, this loan plan works well, especially if you want to get a quick loan to begin repairing your property and selling it. You can do all this by going online and going through different terms to compare rental renewal rates that will be useful to you. After you have sold your property, you can pay a loan for repairs, including any mortgage you have made on your property.


Never think that it is difficult to obtain a loan. In fact it’s not. In truth, you can easily find the loan you are looking for from offshore banks, such as remonttilaina, that are waiting and ready to provide you with the money you need.


Situations when we need unsecured loans

Emergency may arrive any time in our life. We fall sometimes in such a crucial state of affairs that we feel to have some unsecured personal loans. Under this essential condition the credit score of us become exceptionally low. In general under a crucial and poor credit score situation we are not able to acquire conventional loans. Hence we opt for having bad credit loans. Such situations generally arise when we become unable to pay some our old dues. Old dues may be related to some loans as car loans, personal loans or home loans etc.

Difficulty in availability of traditional unsecured loans

Generally traditional lenders do not provide unsecured personal loans under bad credit to those persons who are not having a good credit record. Even a person with good credit score finds it difficult to get an unsecured personal loan. So naturally a person with bad credit definitely finds it more difficult to obtain bad credit unsecured loans from traditional lenders. Bankers don’t provide bad credit loans due to the reason that in poor credit rating situation generally there is a risk in repayment of loan amount.

Advantages of unsecured loans

The advantages of personal loans up to $2500 are important to discuss about. Unsecured loans for personal purpose loan we generally require when we are under urgent need of liquid cash. Situations of emergencies may present any time at your door. Such situation may arise due some serious illness any of our family members or friends or may be the cases where we have to pay some urgent instalments of our previous loans. The advantages that we get from personal loans which are unsecured are as follows:

  • There we don’t need to pledge any security
  • No guarantee required to avail such loans
  • Formalities are very simple to follow
  • We can get unsecured loans within a time frame of 24 hrs

How to get unsecured loans under bad credit situation

Poor credit rating is the worst situation. This is the situation where we are under need of liquid cash instantly but can’t get it from general bankers. Here we need to depend on some online lenders who provide bad credit unsecured personal loans. There are many online lenders but what we need to do is to do a proper research of them. We also need to compare the rate of interest that they are providing. We should opt for personal loans from that lender who will provide loan under suitable terms and conditions.

Hence, to meet up the necessary spending we need to have liquid cash. For this we have to apply for getting such unsecured personal loans to various lenders. During filling the online claim forms we need to put there our important details clearly. This procedure is very simple in case of online application rather than to go for paper works as filling forms and visit lenders’ office physically. So when we can get such advantages then under crucial situation it is obviously to go for having an unsecured loan.