Determine Your Income Tax Liability with A Fixed Deposit Calculator

Here’s why the FD calculator is so popular among investors; you can actually explore investment options and applicable taxes using a fixed deposit calculator.

If you have been investing your money in fixed deposits, you should know that if your fixed deposit interest is above a certain amount in a year, then it makes you liable for taxation.

This is under the Income Tax Act of 1961, according to the Income Tax slab you fall under; whoever says you are not liable is just giving out misleading information. Here’s how things stand under government regulations: if, in an annual year, the interest on your fixed deposit is beyond Rs. 10,000, you will have to pay tax upon such higher interest.

Don’t worry! You can explore your options with your bank for calculating the tax applicable to you, by using a fixed deposit calculator. You can use the FD calculator online to not only to calculate the tax that might be payable by you, but also know your tax liability in advance.

Here’s how you can use an online FD Calculator to help you set your finances and taxes right:

  1. Calculate your Tax Liability on the Fixed Deposit

When you are filing for your income tax refund in a financial year, you need to take into account the interest that accumulates on your fixed deposit.

This income would fall under “Income from other sources”. If you are a PAN (Permanent Account Number) holder and the bank has your PAN, then the TDS deducted on your interest would be at the rate of 10%. You can use Online FD Calculator to arrive at an accurate interest rate to estimate the TDS that would be deductible.

Your bank would deduct the TDS if your interest is more than Rs. 10,000/- in a given financial year as per the tax slab.

  1. You can Pay Advance Tax Too!

Instead of finding ways to circumvent the payable tax, you can actually opt for paying off Advance Tax Liability.

This means that, if your taxable income is above Rs. 10,000/- in a financial year, you can either choose to pay the tax during the year in the form of instalments. It is known as payment of Advance Tax which you pay as you earn. Use a Fixed Deposit Calculator to estimate the instalments that you can pay off timely for a good financial practice.

  1. When do you Have to pay TDS on the Fixed Deposit Interest?

As mentioned previously, when the interest on your fixed deposit in a given year goes beyond Rs. 10,000/-, you accrue tax liability under the Indian laws.

Also if your bank has details of your PAN, your TDS is deducted at a lower rate of 10% vis-a-vis of 20% in case of absence of your details. The TDS will be deducted by the bank only when your interest crosses the Rs. 10,000 threshold. So if you believe that your TDS has been wrongly deducted by the bank, you can file Form 15G with the bank claiming that your income will not fall under the taxable income slab.

You can determine your Tax Liability in advance when you use a Fixed Deposit Calculator and keep your abreast of all or any deductions that you may be subject to.

Conclusively, if you make the best use of the online calculators, your finances would be organised. What’s more, you wouldn’t be subject to unnecessary or hidden deductions.


Organize Your Finances and File Your Taxes

The new year is a sign that there are lots of new things starting. Tax season just so happens to be one of these new beginnings. Once the year wraps up and all deals are closed, taxes can officially get accounted for.

Organizing your finances is not known for being a fun or exciting project. Doing your taxes is normally not seen as an opportunity. Taxes is sometimes a difficult or disappointed situation, especially if it’s not done in a timely way. While this can happen, tax season can also be a situation with positive impacts. Organizing your taxes can actually be an overall positive scenario and even give you or your business a big boost in term of finances. Doing all your taxes as early as possible will be big for organizing your retirement, increase your buying potential, and provide more higher visibility into your economic standing.

Time for Taxes

If you get a fast start to finishing your taxes you will have an extended window of time to organize your finances. You can’t actually account for a tax return until you finish filing your taxes. Without going through the tax process first it’s impossible to actually accurate plan ahead. You won’t know how much investable cash you’ll have until you finish the entire tax return process. The faster you get through the filing, the more time you will have to create positive results from savings and cash. You can invest the tax return sooner and have more time, so it’s will be a win win situation in terms of financial impact. If you file your taxes as soon as possible, then you can have a bigger window of time to grow an investment. The more time the better financially speaking.

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Why Should Outsource Companies or Individuals Tax Preparation NJ?

Like to out source your tax preparation so that you can utilize companies specialize in tax service. The process begins with data gathering, manage data’s then planning and producing in a systematic format.


Services Offered

The normal tax preparation service provided including your tax making and tax refund also for business , companies as well as individuals. But, you should notice about client’s exception when they are outsourcing their tax preparation NJ.

The Effectiveness of Software

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Know How and Expertise

The company is delivered to provide professional capability in two key areas; these are individual and business or company . Clients that outsource it demand that the staff of the outsourcing company is qualified and expertise CPA, licensed, and possess in-depth knowledge of corporate and partnership income tax.

Information Security and Privacy

When the companies are outsourced their tax preparation, then privacy should be a key factor to consider. Tax preparation outsourcing accounting firms should have required to ensure that their client’s information and data privacy is a high priority. When they outsource their tax preparation it is important to ensure that the firm they choose to operate in accordance with a thorough security policy to provide you with a guarantee of the protection of your information, especially in the area of offshore taxation services.