Bankruptcy Attorneys in Los Angeles

Bankruptcy Attorneys in Los Angeles

Sometimes it is very necessary to go through the process of bankruptcy to eliminate away all debt and start with a new record.  The process of filing for bankruptcy may be very difficult and it becomes a lot easier if a person hires a bankruptcy Attorney for Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy to do the tedious work. A bankruptcy attorney will evaluate the candidate’s case and file for bankruptcy. If a person is facing lawsuits, or getting phone calls from creditors, undergoing wage garnishments or is simply dealing with lot of debt, should get in touch with Consumer Action Law Group.

It does not matter what a person wants to achieve, lawyers from this firm can provide people with the best solution and will put up a legal fight on behalf of the person. In fact an attorney will be able to provide good advice on whether a person is required to file a chapter 13 or chapter 7 depending on the nature of the debt.

The attorney will take care of all legal matters and will also conduct the meeting with the trustee responsible for bankruptcy for no extra costs. In fact candidates can get free consultation before they start paying for the services.

The Benefits of Filling Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

This is able to reduce debts related to credit cards and can also stop foreclosures, debts such as personal loans and medical bills can also be taken care of. In certain cases the bankruptcy attorney Los Angeles can do away with multiple mortgage on a particular house. Filling under Chapter 13 will stop creditors calling the individual in debt.

Filling Under the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

This will stop a foreclosure from taking place and will also do away with debts related to credit cards. However filing under chapter 7 will only stop any foreclosure temporarily. It is very different from chapter 13 especially when a candidate has to pay for a mortgage related to a property. However when a candidate files under chapter 7 he/ she will stop getting calls from the creditors immediately. Chapter7 is very helpful when it comes to stopping wage garnishment and start things fresh. So if a candidate is really eager to get rid of debts and begin life again then he or she should contact a los angeles bankruptcy attorney of Consumer Action Law Group and get started on the process as it is very time consuming considering there are lot of formalities.

Consumer Action Law Group is a leading law firm located in Los Angeles attorney.  Their mission is to save home and eliminate debts for the consumers. For more information about their bankruptcy service visit or call them during business hour M-F: 9am – 5pm. 818-254-8413