Fairfx – Family & Friends Card

Fairfx – Family & Friends Card

Today thanks to improvements in technologies and progress in the virtual and electronic world, people are facing so many different options especially when it comes to financial management and banking services. However because of huge competitions among these platforms, the services will be famous among people that bring something new and unique for customers around the world. In this short article, we will write about one of these new ideas and services that call Fairfx and we will discover how its services count unique for users.

Fairfx & Its Services

Briefly to say, Fairfx is providing multi-currency cards for their customers that are working in more than 190 countries around the world and supporting 15 different currencies such as US Dollar, euros and Japanese yen. Today more than 1 million people are using these cards because of some special features and services that its providing; features like great exchange rates, multi currency card that will be accept where accept Mastercards, 3.5% cashback and bonuses for using the card in UK and the low fees for using the card in 15 different currencies. Should be noted that Fairfx is also providing online customer service that is based in the UK and always ready to help customers around the world. Additionally, Fairfx with its special mobile app that is available for both android and ios users, is allowing customers to control their cards details, transactions, pause the cards and also be informed about the exchange rates at different times.

Fairfx for Family & Friends

There are so many features that made Fairfx unique than other platforms in this sphere; one of the significant services that Fairfx currently is providing is about Linked Cards. Shortly to say, that is an easy and simple way to share your money with others. Users can order linked cards that are connected to their currency cards and give these cards to family members, friends or house workers. It is a perfect way especially for holidays and trip times. The customer can easily observe all linked cards details, transactions, can top up or deactivate the cards too. Should be noted that the users of the linked cards can also gain cashbacks and use services without fees.


Definitely, today the competition between financial and banking services is huge and more difficult than before; However platforms and services like Fairfx with their new ideas and abilities can change everything to their sides. As mentioned above, the services that this platform is providing in some cases are unique and definitely can make life easier for people around the world. Also the idea of Linked Cards, not just helping people individually but also it makes groups of users more comfortable than before. With all said above, we can say that Fairfx counts as one of the important actors in financial management not just for current time but also for future.