Fast and Hassle-free Stated Income Loan 2016

Income Loan

Stated income loan has increased its popularity over the past decade. This is the mortgage borrower’s trendy loans. You can simply tell the mortgage lender what your income is without providing any proof to get a loan to purchase a new home.

At you can acquire this stated income mortgage loan fast and easy!

Income Loan

So what are stated income loans?

Stated income mortgage or what also calls stated income loans 2016, have lower requirements compared to document required loans.

Stated loans are available without the strict underwriting requirements of a conventional loan. Stated loans as compared to traditional loans require less documentation. These are mortgage loans that don’t require any verification on income. Stated income loans 2016 are for mortgage applicants who can’t provide tax returns or pay stubs to show their income. These are for people who don’t have steady paychecks and can’t easily document their income. Among these people include self-employed, small-business owners, people who earn on a commission basis and independent contractors.

These are also for new immigrants who would like to gather their resources to buy a house.

The stated income mortgage also are useful to people who have been out of work and are starting new jobs.

It’s difficult to get a loan approved if you are working on a new job and you just came from one to two years of unemployment. Here at you can simply get your loan fast and hassle-free!

Stated loans are for these people since there’s no need for verification and they don’t need to document their income.

Only requirement: A credit score of 600

The only requirement is that you should at least have a minimum credit score of 600.

Though you have a low credit score, you wouldn’t need to verify your income. In a short span of time you can have your loan approved. Low credit mortgage loans are a great option for borrowers that have been hit hard by the economy. If you are self employed or have low reported income then stated income loans 2016 might be the answer to your problems. will provide answers to your problems. We are a mortgage loan company and we approve loan for clients that want to buy houses. Call now to talk to an agent about getting a stated income loan. can get you approved quickly and easily. offers pre-approvals on the first call and fully underwritten approvals within 72 hours. That’s how fast and easy it can be. So what are you waiting for/ Dial our number now! Call (818) 208-1769 and get your loan approved.