Invoice Finance Keeps Businesses in Australia Afloat

Invoice Finance

Invoice financing is really a simple concept when you are using it for a business enterprise. If you want to maximise your working capital while boosting your flow of cash, you need to release cash from accounts receivable.

Invoice Finance

Free Up Your Flow of Cash Instantly

That is why programmes, such as Bibby invoice finance, are always popular amount start-ups as well as seasoned business professionals. You simply cannot operate today in Australia or other parts of the world without freeing up your flow of cash.

Receive the Funding You Need – Quickly and Conveniently

An invoice finance or invoice discounting is similar to a loan as it acts similarly to an advance. Using this approach enables you to inject working capital into a business very fast as you can obtain an advance of up to 80% of what is owed by your clients and customers within a 24-hour period.

While it may be confused with debtor finance and factoring, an invoice discounting is not the same. This type of programme involves funding only and is appropriate for companies who have good control of their credit.

The Initial Step – What Happens

Step one of invoice discounting involves invoicing you clients. Within 24-hours the invoice finance company advances up to 85% of the invoicing value. In return, the remaining 15% of the total amounts invoiced as well as a small fee is returned when customers pay off their invoices.

A Boost to Working Capital

Businesses like invoice finance programmes as they give a company the capability of accessing cash fast – cash that is normally tied up in accounts receivable, all which provides a boost to the working capital you can use.

What You Can Do

With this type of invoice financing and discounting, you can choose to do one of several things in order to grow your company. You have the latitude to raise money for sales growth, become involved in acquisitions and mergers or use the extra capital for succession plans, management buyouts and other creative funding options.

What is ideal about the programme is that a company does not require a real estate investment in order to proceed. Every company that uses this kind of advance minimises its risk and fully utilizes its security for specific reasons and purposes.

You Can’t Help but Feel Positive

The funding limits also grow in line with the sales in order to back up a company as it prospers and grows. Such an advance gives you the benefit of taking advantage of certain business opportunities whenever they surface or arise. When you have this kind of opportunity, you can’t help but feel positive about your future.

See How You Can Benefit Today

You can pay back the amount when invoices are paid and use the lion’s share to make even more money. This kind of “loan” is the type of financing businesses will enjoy in the future. You don’t need to be approved. You only need to show that you have the invoicing and billing available to succeed. You can use this kind of financial programme in connection with such programmes as asset finance, bad debt protection and export remedies. Don’t procrastinate. See how this programme can benefit your company.