Resources That Will Keep You On Budget

Resources That Will Keep You On Budget

For some of us, budgeting is a simple task of adding up our financial comings and goings, making a plan, and sticking to it. Sound easier said than done? Then you’re with the rest of Americans who don’t find this chore as cut and dry. According to a 2013 poll completed by Gallup, an analytical consultation company, only 1 in 3 Americans have a household budget. One could guess that many of these individuals don’t table a personal budget because they don’t know how. While this is probably true for some, but what’s more likely is the majority find it difficult to stick to the plans they’ve made.

Temptation is lurking around every corner. Online shopping makes it easy to purchase unnecessary clothes, gadgets, and appliances. Stopping in at your local Starbucks every day to pick up a coffee to go is just as simple. These thoughtless, spontaneous spending habits can make it a challenge to put aside savings. Meanwhile, things that are completely out of your control, like a sudden repair or bill, can drain your finances completely and ruin your plans for months to come. If you haven’t been budgeting properly in the months beforehand, you may not have the means to cover these unexpected expenses. Without any savings put away, many Americans find flexpay installment loans online — small dollar cash advances with extended repayment terms — in order to cover these unavoidable repairs and bills.

An installment loan will always be a practical form of financial assistance. Unlike short term loans that require full repayment by your next payday, flexpay installments loans allow for partial payments scheduled over 7 weeks or 4 months. Despite how easy they are to integrate into your monthly expenses, they’re only meant to act as a one-time “back-up” for non-recurring bills and repairs you can’t cover on your own. They aren’t supposed to be a regular feature in your budget — that is, if you had one.

Knowing you can apply for an installment loan can give you peace of mind over your finances, but you can eliminate all of your finance related stress by creating a well-made budget. It’s an invaluable financial tool that gives you complete control over your money, helping you to achieve goals on top of meeting your monthly responsibilities. And it’s achievable, even if you don’t have a mind for numbers. Take a look at the following free, online resources that can help make a successful budget a reality.

  • com — This web- and mobile-based app will keep track of your money and send important notices about upcoming bills and other responsibilities. You only need to fill in some financial information when you create an account and Mint will handle the rest. They even have a built-in goal setting feature that can keep you on track of your objectives.
  • Level Money — Smartphone die-hards will appreciate this money-saving app. It’s designed around the old-fashioned envelope system, in which you keep all of the cash you need each week in labelled envelopes. Instead of physical envelopes, Level Money provides you with digital ones, each with a set allowance for each of your responsibilities. Once you hook it up to your accounts, it will deduct costs from these allowances as you spend, so you can see how much money you have left to spend in order to stay on budget with a simple swipe of your finger.

Money may not come as easier to you as it does to other people, but with the right resources at your side, you can keep on financial track and cover all of your responsibilities. Learn how to table a successful budget, and don’t be afraid of using secured online apps like Mint and Level Money to get you started. And remember, flexible installment loans can help you out in a pinch when you encounter hiccoughs in your financial plans.